I'm Selling Out

Published: 10/09/2020

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Getting famous has been taking too long so I've decided to skip right to selling out. So here are some Amazon Affiliate Marketing links. Note that they won't display if you have ad block enabled so in fact this webpage doesn't look right on my own computer. Perhaps that's a signal I'm doing something wrong. I wonder if there are any adblock affiliate marketing links I should be posting.

As I've mentioned on twitter I'm interested in various ways of picking up change off the ground. A sort of big regret in my life is renting a third floor floor apartment which on the margin makes charging limes not quite worth it. It just feels so natural to seek out an existence of collecting and hunting small disparate rewards. Like some kind of hunter gatherer. But instead of looking for berries and rabbits I look for Limes and weak small stakes poker tables.

In that spirit (and the spirit of Prime Day!) here are a few of my official product recommendations off of Amazon. I selected them by going through things I've ordered that brought me joy or improved my life.

I just got this pull up bar and I really regret not doing it sooner. I get a little fitter every time I go through the doorway now. The assembly and installation worked pretty well. But it was missing 4 screws and I still have to return the original. So maybe I recommend the concept more than this specific product.

On the fitness beat I also got this outdoor badminton set for Rhiannon and I. We started playing together at the gym about a year ago but since coronavirus we haven't really been able to play. We tried a bit of tennis but it doesn't have the same delight. The beauty of badminton is that the ball slows down as it falls. There's no other game quite like it. Now that we have our own set we play all the time. And playing under the sun in the grass is far more delightful than playing on the squeaky gym floor.

I've recommended this light alarm clock before but I cannot recommend it enough. Maybe I just have a lot of trauma from spending almost all my childhood years waking up too early to painful noises. There's just no reason to wake up to sound! As a hunter gatherer if you woke up to loud noises it probably meant you had to grab your big stick and start hitting things or you were gonna die. Much better to wake up to the sun rising. But because we all live in caves and keep strange hours the next best thing is a light alarm clock. If your room is properly blacked out (If not please buy some Black out curtains Black Duck Tape and Black Felt) and you're properly rested (if not please consider Melatonin (pro tip: twist them open and use one like a pixie stick over a week. You only need 0.3mg) (full disclosure I typically buy this product at a Kroger not Amazon) and ear plugs) then this light should be more than enough to wake up on its lowest setting though it also includes some sounds.

I also recommend this alarm clock for a number of other thoughtful features. You can turn on the light and change it's colors. A red light is nice for evening reading. A blue or white light is nice for waking up. You can even set it to rotate through the colors for a playful vibe. You can also turn off the time which I think is an absolutely essential feature for any product you're going to put in a bedroom. I hate all the random informationless lights people will just tack on their devices. I've got my smoke detector all taped up (see black felt product link) because I don't want a blinking green light flashing at me.

I suppose in 2020 time doesn't have much meaning and as an adult I generally get up when I'd want to anyway. But I think waking children up with alarm clocks is one of those incredibly cruel things that we've all just gotten very used to.

Something I just learned last weekend is that couscous is actually a pasta not a grain. Anyway it's delicious and I highly recommend it.

Every time I need socks I get exactly this product. Though last time I ordered them I discovered they changed the formula and were a little more nylony. So I'm not sure I can recommend this brand anymore, though I do generally recommend the practice of getting the exact some pair of socks in the exact same way when you discover you need them.

I do the same thing with shoes. I've ordered this exact pair of shoes at least five times. Which I suppose is not a ringing endorsement of their quality. But I do a lot of running and dragging my feet so I don't think it's the shoes fault.

It's fun to work outside on the grass. And this picnic blanket rolls up beautifully.

For the longest time I ate store bought ground pepper. I'm pretty sure that preground pepper actually doesn't have any flavor. But now I always grind fresh peppercorns when I need pepper and it really comes through in the flavor of my eggs and steaks. I wouldn't consider myself a discerning foodie in general but fresh ground pepper is one of those upgrades that is very clearly worth it.

Back in high school when I ordered a guhong from the still running Speed Cube Shop I thought it was surely the pinnacle of rubik's cubing technology. But holy shit this cube feels good. I highly recommend this cube. Even if you're not into cubing per se, if the idea of owning a fidget spinner appeals to you at all, just get this cube instead. Pro tip: when turning the top layer twice in a row, flick it with your index finger and then your middle finger instead of your index finger twice. I never would have discovered this technique on my own but I think it literally reduces my average solve by on the order of a second.

I highly recommend using a clip wallet. You don't need all those random folds. I promise.

That's it for my product recommendations. Please click all the links and buy all the products. It'll definitely make your life a lot better.