About me

Hi everyone! I'm currently a math PhD student at OSU. Before that I was a software engineer at Google and before that I was an undergraduate at UChicago. I have this website because its Current Year and its about time I had an internet presence. I'm developing it myself instead of using a centralized service because I'd rather be uniquely bad than nondescriptly good.

My goal for the site is for it to be a fun place with weird things of unclear purpose. At the moment I have an experiments page with javascript toys and a blog page with things I've written. I don't know how frequently I will update it or add to it in the future.

Want to contact me for any reason? You can e-mail me at jake@ja3k.com. Actually at the moment you can message me at any e-mail on this domain. The legacy means of contacting me by messaging me on chess.com where my username is my domain is still effective. If anything I'll probably be more responsive there because I'll see your message when I log on to do my daily puzzles.