Shutting Down Prediction Alerts

Published: 08/17/2022

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In response to Predictit shutting down I've decided to also shutdown PredictionAlerts. The goal was to make it easy to get price alerts for various prediction markets. I succeeded in the basic goal but never got around to three stretch goals that would have been necessary to make the service actually valuable:

It's sort of a cliche, but I had less time than I expected with a full time job and a baby. And with only one legal US exchange remaining the site makes a little less sense. Kalshi also has two features that make my service less necessary: e-mails on order fills and expiring orders.

I sort of committed the cardinal bootstrapping sin of not selling as I was building so I never really had many users. But even so I learned a lot since I did a lot of things for the first time. Things I used for the first time on this project:

My main take away is it's really easy and cheap to make a fully featured web service but it's a little harder to make one that looks good with actual users. I made it a little harder on myself by doing a couple of things myself where I imagine there were good tools available:

Strategic Mistakes

Technical Mistakes