I Have Not Found Chat GPT Very Useful

Published: 02/17/2023

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This post breaks one of my informal rules for writing: "Don't write about the current thing" [1]. But Chat GPT and now Bing have been swallowing up everything and I wanted to say some things. I'm sort of being this guy:

But to be clear I'm not saying the dog isn't impressive. I'm just saying I don't want it to be my tutor.

I've tried to use Chat GPT three times and all three times it failed so then I stopped trying. I tried to use it to edit my utilitarian post. I pasted one paragraph at a time and asked for feedback. Here is the transcript up until the point where I gave up:

edit_transcript edit_transcript

Note two things:

I recently put prediction alerts back online. I ended up just provisioning a smaller shared core postgres db instance which will cost $0.20 a day. But before I settled on that I was considering bundling in an sqlite db and using the local file system to run it all out of one ec2 instance.

aws aws

In the very first bullet it tells me to go the AWS management console. Also maybe this is expecting too much but using sqlite in this way is sort of a bad idea and it should tell me that.

I wanted to learn more about dark energy, so I asked it where I could see astronomical data and it didn't even try to help me:

dark_energy dark_energy

Probably I'm both expecting too much and bad at prompt engineering. But for the time being I'm sticking to google and documentation.

[1] I intended to write a "my rules for writing" post at some point but at this point the only two I remember are this one, "no advice", which maybe I've broken from time to time but kept to the spirit of, and "no politics" which I've sort of broken twice.