Reflections on 2023

Published: 1/01/2024

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Another full year:

All in all a great year. I keep track of my moods and activities everyday with Daylio. Here's my mood chart:

Daylio mood chart

Notice how clearly you can see when my son was born, when paternity leave ended and when I changed jobs.

Looking back at my resolutions from last year:

  • Squat 225. Honestly I should be able to do that already. I just need to be more consistent in 2022. My current best is 205.

Not even close here. I'm mostly weaker than I was last year.

  • Get to 300 twitter followers. My tweets are great! Though honestly twitter is maybe dying. Might be time to get back to posting on FB or move on to Mastadon. Maybe linkedin? Where is everyone? Maybe the future is little insular discords. Why do I want a "follower" anyway. I'm not Jesus.

Overshot this one by a fair bit. I've been tweeting good.

  • I want to launch another consumer SAAS thing like prediction alerts. I think I could do it twice as fast next time. I don't yet have an idea for something that would be valuable to make though.

Didn't really ever attempt something exactly like this in the end. But my Kalshi Market Maker and ChatVim are close enough in spirit I guess.

  • Keep on top of AI developments as a user. I use copilot every time I code. And I've used a little bit of ChatGPT and Dall-E. But I should incorporate these tools more extensively into my development and writing. There will be a great period before ~2025, when I'm replaced completely, when they'll allow me to go 2-10 faster.

I guess now that I'm working at Mentat I can consider this accomplished. A neverending struggle to stay on top of anything in the space of course.

2.5/4 Isn't bad. Some resolutions for next year: