Reflections on 2022

Published: 12/29/2022

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Previously: 2021

It was a very full year. From October 2021 to today I: got married, started a job, had a daughter, moved to Washington, bought a house and now I'm expecting a son.

And I did a lot of random things.

It was nice to just do a lot of shit. Looking back the scenery changes every year but a lot of years seemed to slip by without me actually doing anything.

I think a lot of what kept me from doing more in the past is perfectionism. Not wanting to put out shitty writing. Not wanting to write tweets I may one day cringe at. Not wanting to release ugly buggy code. Sadly this perfectionism was maybe protecting me from something real because when I look back at my work over the past year I wouldn't say I'm particularly proud of anything I've done [1].



I just want to do a lot of stuff and be a good husband and father. Perform well at my job. Some more concrete goals:

Here's to a great 2023!

[1] Looking at my 2021 post I see this isn't the first time I've felt this way.

[2] as opposed to the experience of writing a mediocre blog. People say writing helps you think and there's a lot you get out of reading but more and more I disagree. That's another hot take blog I've had on the burner for too long. Against Writing.